The HEALers Circle

The HEALers Circle is a national network of eating disorder treatment centers and providers generously donating their time and services to Project HEAL grant recipients.

There are many issues with the current treatment landscape that make accessing quality treatment next to impossible for so many — even those with insurance. Deductibles are high, many facilities and providers are out-of-network, and not all insurances cover all levels of care. This leads to unfair denials of care, parity violations, premature discharges, and many other barriers to appropriate, quality treatment.

Members of the HEALers Circle commit to helping us overcome these barriers by offering our beneficiaries in-kind or sliding scale treatment. The length of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration clinical presentation, evidence-based standards of care, insurance benefits, and other available resources.

Project HEAL is working hard behind the scenes with lawmakers, lobbyists, providers, and payors to change the eating disorder treatment landscape for good — but in the meantime, we are beyond grateful to our HEALers Circle partners who help us provide people in need the best chance at a full recovery.

Are you interested in joining our HEALers Circle? 

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